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"Angie delivers an energy and bounce that lifts everyone. Her impact is not without substance; she knows her stuff, is commercial and creative and has a style which connects her with all of our clients from secondary school students to senior executives. Working with her is a pleasure, is fun and I continue to learn from her and with her as our work together evolves. Her input is a crucial ingredient in what we do - she is invaluable!"
Paul Goring Consortio

"My experience of Angie is that she is an extremely skilled trainer and facilitator. She has a real understanding of how individuals, groups and teams operate, what potentially gets in the way and what may help. I have witnessed her using her sense of fun and amazing creativity both together with skills such as high quality listening, questioning and communication to effect real understanding and change in people."
Jenny Cook www.maine-stream.co.uk

“Angie is a brilliant, dynamic and energetic trainer. It was thrilling to be trained by her.”
Mike Jones, Rotheram Social Services

“You made the subject come alive for me and now I know I have the confidence to work more effectively with my students, Thanks” Maria Mc Donald, Youth Worker, Berwick on Tweed.


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