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With over 10 years' experience of Creative Leadership, consultation and project management specialising in using the arts to encourage creative thinking, confidence and ambition realization. I lead and design courses, projects and performances to support and develop working practices so that creative thinking can enable people and organisations to reach their full potential.

I implement Leadership, Facilitation and Coaching in organisations, to groups and individuals, producing a creative solution to management, HR and personal development processes. I provide event management, creative consultancy and project management for small to large scale happenings.

Drawing on my experience as an actor, director, creative producer and stand-up poet to create exciting performance projects which have excellence and attention to detail at their heart. My career includes working in Arts management, designing and creating courses, programmes, and projects for artists, performers and writers.

My aim is to seek new ways to engage people with creative processes and to open up creativity to everyone, by finding innovative ways to enable interactivity. I love creating projects that can inspire and enable others to dip their hand in the pot of experience..

A proud graduate of the Institute for the Development of Human Potential, I also completed my post-graduate in Humanistic Psychology for Leadership, Facilitation and Coaching.


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