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I am an accomplished consultant in the link between creativity and personal development. Through witnessing, designing and delivering my own and others transformations through the power of art, my practice employs my quirky and unique style of facilitation and coaching. My style uses play, visual art, language, drama and comedy to bring out moments of learning and can also energise and focus people.

Offering several “off the peg” workshops and courses which bring out peoples’ potential to be passionate, loud and authentic. I also collaborate to design and deliver tailor-made sessions which can serve a particular need or want in a group or an individual. My aim is to support others to be confident in their power and presence, whatever their ams and ambitions are I have a wealth of experience and a pit of tools that I am skilful at using in the right moment to bring out learning opportunities.

Having particular and extensive experience of working with people with challenging and vulnerable backgrounds, also understanding that fears and hopes are universal. Therefore I also deliver my own brand of work to other sectors of society.

I design and deliver my own brand of creative facilitation and coaching to other professionals. Working with my associate trainers to make deliver projects such as;

Dramatic Facilitation
Creative Coaching
The Presentation factor
Start art
Creative Fusion

Working mostly with organisations and companies to design bespoke projects tailored for their staff and clients.


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