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This is service to design coaching models to organisations as well as offering a 1:1 service for individuals. I design a and deliver coaching programmes within particular projects to give people a greater understanding of their goals and the processes they can undergo to reach their ambitions. Monitoring and evaluation tools designed by myself are used to track the progress of sessions.

Offering 1:1 sessionís with people who want to find out where their future potential lies, I support people to identify what they would like to achieve with their life and what is holding them back. Creative use of different techniques can unblock peopleís patterns so they can be the people they want to be.

Using a sensory approach to Coaching enables the client to place themselves in the place they want to be in the future and to find motivating sources of support within themselves to create strong and realistic plans.

My coaching style employs visual, vocal and kinaesthetic games and exercises to enhance peoples understanding of themselves to support people to make concrete changes to their life. I have major experience of coaching creative clients but find that my approach useful to anyone who is looking for a new direction to their life or career. I aim to be present, potent and vulnerable, while holding a individuals in tough times. Provoking and challenging people to find the blocks to their personal, artistic and social development.


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